Palestinian Protests, Israeli Police Brutality Continue in East Jerusalem .

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Sunday, 26 September 2010 16:36 Shadi Rohana, Alternative Information Center (AIC) 
Clashes and Israeli police brutality in East Jerusalem continue for the fifth day today, 26 September, following the assassination of Samer Sarhan, 32, by Israeli security guards in his home village of Silwan (East Jerusalem) last Wednesday (22 September).

According to testimonies from the ground, Sarhan was walking towards his home at 4.00 a.m. in his neighborhood of al-Bustan, when he was shot by an armed Israeli security guard patrolling the area. Musa Odeh, member of the al-Bustan Popular Committee, told that AIC that “it happens quite often that Jewish settlers walk around our neighborhood at night just to provoke us; they are always accompanied by armed security guards.” It is worth mentioning that security for settlers in East Jerusalem is provided by private security companies, recently named by Hagit Ofran from Peace Now as a “kind of an armed militia that settlers hold, funded by the Israeli tax payers.” (The Huffington Post, September 23, 2010)

The Israeli security guard who shot Sarhan was called by Israeli police for interrogation on the same day, but was immediately released under the pretext that the murder of Sarhan was in self-defense. According to the Israeli police, Sarhan, an alleged member of Fatah, intended to ambush the settlers and security guards in order to kidnap them. These accusations are soundly denied by Sarhan’s family and al-Bustan’s Popular Committee.

Palestinian Protests Commence, Toddler Mohammad Abu Sneneh Martyred

Upon hearing the news of Sarhan’s martyrdom through local media outlets and mosques’ megaphones last Wednesday morning, spontaneous protests took place in all major Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, most notably in Silwan, Shu’fat Refugee Camp, Ras al-Amud, al-Issawiya and the compound of the al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City, which was invaded by large numbers of Israeli occupation forces. The clashes reached their peak during Sarhan’s funeral in the afternoon, when the 1,000 participants of the march confronted the armed Israeli occupation forces present at the cemetery.

During these protests, the Israeli occupation forces employed tear-gas bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets, which led to tens of physical injuries, as well as suffocations inside peoples’ homes.

Fourteen-month old Muhammed abu-Sneneh of the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya was murdered in his house after having suffocated gas that was fired at residents and their houses.

Continued Clahes Today [Sunday, September 26)

Two Palestinians residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhood Silwan were reported injured by Israeli occupation forces this morning. According to Maan News, the Israeli occupation forces invaded the home of Ali Ruweidi, 19, in Silwan, spraying pepper spray and violently attacking the house’s residents; Ruweidi is currently in the Maqased Hospital at the Mount of Olives for eye treatment. A second Silwan resident is reported to have been shot in the foot this morning by Israeli forces.

In Issawiya, the Israeli occupation forces attacked a peaceful demonstration of residents who held a symbolic funeral for the 14-month old toddler-martyr Muhammed abu-Sneneh, murdered yesterday (see above).

A total number of 16 Palestinians are reported to have been arrested today by the occupation forces and large amount of armed policemen and Special Forces are present in all major Arab neighborhoods of the city.

International journalists are encouraged to contact the Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem for more details and testimonies on the ground. 

Report by : AIC


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